Supplies & Equipment

Wirral Beekeepers' do have supplies of most equipment that beekeepers will need throughout the year. Anything that is not in stock can be ordered in through Barbara Bryant. Prices are very competitive with all profits going to the Wirral Branch.

Below is a list of stock readily available by contacting Barbara on 0151 327 5977:

  • Standard National Hive Brood Boxes (Flat Packed)
  • Standard National Hive Supers (Flat Packed)
  • Frames of all sizes
  • Foundation for all frames
  • Varoa Treatment
  • Honey Jars
  • Fondant
  • Honey Extraction

    The Club Honey Extractor is a stainless steel 3 frame tangential extractor, similar to the one shown on the right, ideal for the novice with 1 or 2 hives. It is available for hire from Phil Hartharn at £10 a time. Users are expected to return it after a day or so & it MUST be thoroughly cleaned.