Education & Training

The last ten years have seen a big increase in the amount of people wanting to become beekeepers. In response to this the BBKA (British Beekeepers Association) has put together a series of support material that can be used to guide and nurture beginners as they take part in a proper course set up by your local association.

It is not recommended that anybody taking up beekeeping just purchases the equipment and honeybees and puts them at the bottom of the garden or at an out apiary. This is a recipe for disaster for you, your neighbours and more importantly the Honeybees.

You will never stop learning new and necessary methods of keeping honeybees so it is important to hone your skills by attending winter meeting that currently take place at Thorton Hough Village Hall and during the summer at various out apiaries across the peninsula.

The BBKA also have educational courses to enable beekeepers to progress through a series of examinations which start with the ‘Basic’ examination being a test of your basic knowledge and practical skills. I usually run this course with the help of experienced beekeepers and personally recommend that you practice your beekeeping skill for a couple of years to give you the confidence to pass.
Moving on from the basic you can take a series of modules that will enlighten you further and increase your knowledge and understanding which coupled together with experience and mentoring this will hopefully make you a successful beekeeper. If you require any further information about examinations all of the details are on the BBKA website.

If you would like to express an interest in attending a beginners course please contact Avril Rowley or Gill Medley and leave your name and contact details.

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