The Wirral Branch was formed in 1961 and is one of 5 branches which makes up the Cheshire Beekeepers' Association (CBKA). We hope you find our website helpful - whether you’re a member, considering beekeeping for the first time, or having trouble with bees and looking for help. We intend to keep you informed about what Beekeepers are doing on the Wirral & will offer advice & guidance throughout the year. Keep checking the site for regular updates.
Beekeepers course 2020

The Theory Course

To be held at Christ Church Hall, Barnston, CH61 1BW
On Saturday mornings 10.00-12.00.

The full course, theory and practical, is constructed around the BBKA guide to beekeeping £18.99, which is provided free to students paying the full course fee of £90.00. For Students who already have some beekeeping experience, or who may be taking their basic assessment this year, the practical course is available separately at £50.00.

Taster session 16 November 2019 (no charge)
Session One 18 January 2020
Session Two 8 February
Session Three 15 February
Session Four 29 February
Session Five 21 March

As inspecting a bee hive is weather and temperature dependent, dates and times for the five practical sessions will be arranged accordingly during April, May and June.
Bees, tools and equipment and bee suits can be purchased through the branch.

To book a place please contact:
Nigel Brierley: 07547200622
Marshall Pugh (Master Beekeeper):
Session One
Hives, frames, equipment
Types of hive
Making up frames and spacing
Protective equipment

Session Two
Introduction to Beekeeping
History, Bees and hives
Value of Honey bees
Bee products
Plants for bees

Session Three
Colony management
Record keeping
Feeding and Robbing
Uniting colonies
Moving a colony
Colony and hive make up
Session Four
Summer management
Looking for signs
Swarm control
Actions any 1 from 3
The five questions to ask and answer during an inspection

Session Five
Pests and Diseases. The Harvest.
Honey bee pests and diseases
Identification, prevention and treatment
Clearing bees from the Super
Uncapping and extracting
The refractometer

Gift Cards - A Unique Gift

A place on Wirral Beekeepers Beginners course, for that someone special. A gift card can be supplied.
They will learn new skills and make new friends within the beekeeping community, whilst learning the management skills required to look after these fascinating insects, who are a vitally important part of this planet’s eco system.
The free pollination service they provide also fills a lot of the shelves in your local supermarket.

For further details please contact,
Nigel Brierley 07547200622 email
Marshall Pugh (Master Beekeeper)
Login to the WBKA Facebook Group here

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